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Engineer On-Site

We work with clients to:

Interpret Environmental Risks & Liabilities | Assure Their Compliance Requirements Are Current | Develop Economically & Environmentally Sound Solutions Ranging from Environmental Concerns to Construction Scheduling

We offer a wealth of contracting experience, including:

NAVY Southwest San Diego, California | US Department of State Washington, D.C. | Air Force Base | US Army Core of Engineers | FAA-Western Pacific Region Contract | US Coast Guard Base Closure/Hawaii | DOT/Los Angeles, CA | City of Compton | City of Redondo Beach, CA | Long Beach Oil Refineries

Our license & small business certifications include:

HUDZone Certified | HUD Section 3 Certified DUNN #167069405 CAGE CODE #0A4L7 Asbestos Project Manager Lead/Asbestos Inspector Lead/Mold Surveys United States Small Business Administration Metropolitan Water District Port of Los Angeles Port of Long Beach Los Angeles Community College District Minority Business Development Agency City of San Diego Department of General Services CUCP DBE MBE WBE CCR

Safety Inspections